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Many E-Commerce platforms on the market are hard-wired to specific accounting and ERP packages such as QuickBooks, Peachtree or Great Plains. Because many small-to-mid-sized companies have highly tailored back-end solutions that may not easily integrate with hard-wired integrated E-Commerce platforms, Red Door has a highly flexible web services interface that provides an extremely high level of third-party interoperability. Following comprehensive descriptions in the software development kit (SDK), merchants can directly integrate Red Door with any of their back-end software solutions – from accounting and ERP to inventory and CRM.

And because Red Door’s web services interface is specifically designed to work over the Internet, interoperability can be easily extended to off-site resources such as remote offices, warehouses and data centers. This approach is in many ways superior to hard-wired integration of specific products because it allows the merchant to craft for themselves the optimal solution for their operation, based on their existing tool sets.

Web services are an industry best practice for extending the functionality of a software application so that it can be used by other applications easily, reliably and at low cost. Our E-Commerce Process Improvement experts can work with any type of business to determine the integration requirements for an E-Commerce strategy built around Red Door. Typically, this involves understanding the portfolio of existing tools sets, how they themselves are designed to interoperate, and then designing modules to hook together Red Door with the desired applications.

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