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Red Door Commerce

The Most Powerful E-Commerce Engine for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses!

The Future of E-Commerce™

Much more than a shopping cart – Red Door™ is a comprehensive and powerful E-Commerce engine that can support the entire E-Commerce operations of small-to-mid sized companies ranging from $1M to $100M+ in revenues. It includes never-before-seen innovations such as matrix pricing. It also simplifies the selling of products in bulk, perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who need to sell supplies by length, area or volume.

Until now, such features have been found only on high-end Enterprise E-Commerce engines that only 7% of businesses could afford. But Red Door™ levels the playing field. With its powerful database-driven architecture, Red Door™ makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to have a robust and powerful E-Commerce platform. Behind Red Door™ lies the answers, providing critical E-Commerce solutions previously unavailable to 93% of small-to-mid sized companies.

Accounting ERP CRM Accounting ERP E-Commerce Solutions

Software as a Service (Saas)
The SaaS model provides a pre-installed, ready-to-configure copy of Red Door™ Commerce on a high-grade, dedicated web server that has been fully optimized for running E-Commerce applications. Red Door™ maintains a supply of pre-installed web servers in a state-of-the-art data center, available to new customers in minutes.
The key advantage of this model is that the customer does not have set up their own web server and install the software. Also, software updates and feature add-ons automatically propagate to customers, who are better able to focus on building out their E-Commerce content without worrying about supporting and configuring the underlying E-Commerce software. The SaaS model is widely used throughout the Internet industry because of the efficiencies it creates for software vendors and customers alike. Red Door’s SaaS model is priced by the month, with a 12-month minimum contract term.

Stand-Alone License (SAL)
The SAL model is the traditional method of selling software, in which the software comes packaged and is installed by the end-user from disk. The customer assumes the task of procuring a web server, configuring it for database-driven E-Commerce applications and installing Red Door™ Commerce. The customer is responsible for installing software updates and feature add-ons, as well as maintaining the performance of the web server and its Internet connectivity. There is an initial license fee for the software along with annual license renewal fees.

Stand-Alone License with Managed Web Hosting Solution (SAL-WH)
The SAL with Managed Web Hosting offers the best of both options. You’ll enjoy long-term cost savings by purchasing the one-time software license up front, as well as the worry-free set up and maintenance of the web server by Red Door™. We’ll ensure that your E-Commerce installation is always up-to-date and running smoothly. Our expertise in building and managing complex E-Commerce servers will allow you to focus on developing world-class content. In addition, we have access to some of the cleanest IP’s and C-blocks in the world, a prerequisite for achieving top rankings in major search engines.
  RedCom Benefits  

E-Commerce Solutions
Run your e-commerce business more effectively, fully integrating your web store and back-office. Details...


Automate sales management with Red Door's proven customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Details...


Accounting / ERP
Red Door's customized accounting/ERP solution made to fit to your specific backend setup. Details...


Strategic Partnership Program
More clients, more deals, more revenues. If you like the sound of that, then you may want to consider applying to become a Red Door Strategic Partner. It’s an invitation-only program, and only the best are selected. But if your business is the right fit for our Strategic Partner Program, the opportunities could be limitless.

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Success Stories:
Red Door has given us the ability to compete with the largest companies in our industry. It has allowed us to understand our customers needs, identifying purchasing behaviors and offering products that were once not available online because of their complexity. Red Door has simplied our life with integrated solutions, giving us the ability to use existing software and procedures our people have grown accustomed to. Red Door has brought a dramatic change in the way our total business operates. Details...

Scott Bakewell
Vice President
Dawg Inc.
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Red Door Commerce 3.2 - Integrated E-Commerce Suite.

CRM Module - Maintain contact with customers and visitors through automated email campaigns.

Quotation Module - Integrated quotation feature to create and email a customized quote to customers


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Take a few minutes to watch our video highlighting the many features and benefits of using Red Door™ Commerce. Find out how Red Door™ Commerce can help your company sell products more effectively on the Internet.

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