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E-Commerce Solution

Red Door Commerce 3.2 enables you to run your e-commerce business more effectively by fully integrating your web store and your back office. Red Door equips you with the tools to collect, analyze and effectively use and integrate essential data from your web store to your internal operation systems, vendors, distributors, partners and most importantly, your customers. Red Door provides an easy to use, secure foundation in which to run your entire e-commerce business. Manage your inventory, integrate with your accounting systems and complete and track order fufillment and more.

Red Door offers a host of innovative, effective solutions for operating and growing your business online. Here are just a few of the benefits and features that Red Door Commerce provides:

Red Door offers a unique and highly flexibile accounting / ERP solution that allows for high third party inter-operability, unlike other e-commerce platforms that hard-wire a specific accounting / ERP programs that limits compatibility, potetnially forcing you to change your existing accoutning systems. In short, Red Door can be customized to fit whatever accounting / ERP system you are currently using for smoother integration and compatibility. For more details...

To further empower your online business, Red Door offers separate modules to compliment the Commerce 3.2 store. The CRM and Quotation modules are optional add-ons to your Red Door Commerce 3.2 system or can be used as individual modules that can bolt on to your current e-commerce system.

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CRM Module

CRM Module
Red Door has an integrated, intelligent customer outreach program that allows the merchant to create distinct email campaigns, each email customized for its recipient. The merchant can set up campaigns for periodic newsletters, special discounts and new product announcements.

Automated emails keep customers coming back, and reinforce the web site branding and messaging. And because it is integrated into the Red Door system, it is ready to use from the first day of operation. It helps keep a company in constant contact with its customers: visitors, shoppers, purchasers, subscribers.

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Quote Module

Quotation Module
Red Door Commerce Quotation Module allws you to create, email and track customized quotes for customers. Its innovative quotation model prepares a ready-to-use shopping cart for the customer, who can log in with a single click and complete the order.

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