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CRM Features

Customer Relationship Management

Red Door’s integrated CRM capabilities are engineered to meet the needs of small-to-mid-sized companies that either 1) already have an in-house CRM system or 2) still working up to needing an in-house CRM system.


In addition to standard customer management features such as account registration, login and profile management, Red Door allows merchants to group customers together for the purposes of extending preferential pricing. For example, a merchant may have 100 customers in the automotive industry to whom they extend pricing schedule ‘B’, at sharply reduced pricing from retail pricing schedule 'A'. By grouping these customers together and associating them with a custom pricing schedule, these customers will enjoy preferential pricing when they log in and purchase products. Red Door supports customized messaging for grouped customers, so they are reminded that they are receiving preferential pricing throughout the sales process.

Red Door has an integrated, intelligent customer outreach program that allows the merchant to create distinct email campaigns, each email customized for its recipient. The merchant can set up campaigns for periodic newsletters, special discounts and new product announcements.

This automated system reminds customers when it’s time to re-order by emailing them not just a short message, but a point-and-buy E-Commerce object that allows customers to re-order instantly. They simply click the ‘Re-Order Now’ button in the email, and they are automatically logged in and ready to confirm purchase.

Automated emails keep customers coming back, and reinforce the web site branding and messaging. And because it is integrated into the Red Door system, it is ready to use from the first day of operation. It helps keep a company in constant contact with its customers: visitors, shoppers, purchasers, subscribers.

Unlike many E-Commerce engines, Red Door is not ‘hard-wired’ to be interoperable with major third-party CRM systems. The reason is simple: many small-to-mid-sized businesses have hybrid CRM systems that have been developed over many years from off-the-shelf technology, or have completely customized CRM systems built from scratch. In either case, the unpredictability in hard-wiring an E-Commerce engine for known CRM applications led our architects to approach the issue from another angle. Red Door includes a web services framework that exposes certain of its functions to other applications right over the Internet. Using the detailed Software Development Kit (SDK), a qualified solutions integrator can customize an interoperable solution between Red Door and any other CRM package. This method provides for a high degree of flexibility, overcoming the problems of hard-wiring interoperability.

Call or write us today for more information.

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Special Offer Special Discount

Red Door's CRM module enables you to create and send special offer emails to customers.

The Special Discount email combines personalized information and order history with custom macros to offer special discounts to customers. Discounts can be based on order history, on set time periods, on quantities ordered or many other variables.

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Order Reminder

Order Reminder
Reorder Reminders give customers a "Heads Up" that it is time to reorder. This friendly follow-up email displays the customer's order history in an easy one-click reorder email provides convenience for the customer to respond and reorder.

Set the criteria you want, and these emails will go out to who you want and when you want, reducing the amount of time previously needed to make followup phone calls. The CRM order reminder emails are fully integrated with Red Door's order management making it easy for the customer to click on the email to go right to their shopping cart to complete the order.

When a customer does click on the reorder button and completes their order it will also show up in the orders screen with a green checkbox to let you know that this order was the result of an email.


Abandoned Cart Reminder
Another powerful aspect of Red Door's CRM tool is being able to provide immediate response to people visiting your site. Set abandon cart reminders to go out to customers who have added product to their cart but have not completed the transaction.

Automated email reminders reach those undecided shoppers before the go elsewhere, encouraging them to come back and finish shopping. These reminder emails have been very successful in converting abandoned carts into an orders. For more details...

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Newsletter Newsletter
To keep your name in front of your customers, most companies will send a company newsletter filled with pertinent information, current specials, industry news and press releases and other areas of interest to the consumer.

Red Door™ Commerce powerful CRM module allows you to create and send a custom company newsletter. Once you have established a design and content, Red Door's newsletter configurator enables you to specify WHO will receive the newsletter and WHEN.

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Tracking Results

Tracking Results:
Red Door's powerful CRM module is a successful tool for communicating with customers that results in revenue. Completely automated emails go out to customers enabling them with just a click of a button to log-in and complete an order, or receive friendly reminder, or receive relevant information encouraging them to come back to your site for more.

The emails are easily trackable for determining conversion rates on email response orders. Orders that result from a customers response to an email are displayed in the order management table highlighted by a green check box.

Order Management Screen