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A new model for managing the outreach of product information from manufacturers to distributors.

RedxChange replaces tedious hands-on methods of updating product information with quick and easy automated information exchange – right over the Internet.

Syndication is a way of pushing rapidly changing information to remote users. Well noted examples include: RSS feeds, used to publish short news stories all over the Internet. Using simple commands, merchants can 'drop and sell' products or supply information right into their web pages for their customers, a model that currently exists and is widely accepted. But RedxChange Product Syndication, with BUILT-IN support for complex products, takes this model to new heights.

RedxChange Product Syndication allows entire product information - pictures, pricing, descriptions, SKU's, and most notably, complex products, to be pushed directly to your commerce partners web site.  E-Business managers at the manufacturer level can upload their products to our syndication server and modify them over the web. The distributor can then allow any data change by the manufacturer to flow directly to the distributors web site in real time.

Comprehensive On-Demand Business Services For Industry


Customized PaaS (Platform As A Service) Strategy
By placing a powerful tool like product syndication into the hands of manufacturer’s distributors, distributors will be more effectively able to sell complex products, and better able to manage product information on their web site and back-end systems. This will result in increased distributor retention, since distributors will tend to become accustomed to the service, and it will serve as an effective switching barrier with respect to competing manufacturers that do not offer syndicated services.


Distributor Success
Manufacturers have a vested interest in the success of their distributors. Any tools that help their distributors sell the manufacturer’s products is of benefit not only to the distributor but to the manufacturer as well, and will tend to strengthen that relationship.

platform condenser

Platform Condenser as a Service
Manufacturer’s also have the ability to offer our product condenser as a service. The manufacturer can expand distribution capabilities by helping distributors simplify the sale of complex products online. Result: increased manufacturer and distributor sales.


The Rare Trifecta Partnership
Both manufacturer and distributor have something to gain in adopting this technology: increased sales. But beyond that, it provides increased efficiency for the end customers, who are better able to purchase complex products. All-in-all, product syndication offers a rare ‘trifecta’ of efficiencies for manufacturers, distributors and end customers.