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Software as a Service Patent Pending 11/939,567

Red Door Product Condenser Is Industry’s Most Effective Tool For Selling Complex Products On The Internet.
Red Door is a proven leader in helping companies sell complex products on the internet. We allow distributors to simply the selection process of products with complex and confusing variations.

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Effectively Selling Complex Products:

The following examples represent how Red Door™ Software technology enables you to more effectively sell complex products online.


Manufacturers of Ergonomic and Safety Matting

"This one object contains 112 SKUs for 4 different styles of diamond-plate anti-fatigue mats including all possible product variations for each style."

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Manufacturers of Safety Containment Systems

"Over 55 SKUs for 3 different styles of type II safety gas cans including all possible colors and sizes are condensed into one object."

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Jackson Safety

Parent Company of a Network of Personal and Highway Safety Product Companies

"Three types of safety helmets totalling 61 distinct SKUs including all sizes and colors available into one object is an incredibly powerful and efficient selling tool."

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eagle logo

Manufacturers of Safety Cans, Safety Storage Cabinets, and Hazardous Waste Management Systems

"This one object contains 159 different SKUs for industrial safety cabinets including all possible product variations for capacity, door handles and number of shelves."

More details.


United receptacle

Manufacturers of Waste Receptacles, Smoking Urns and Planters

"The ability to combine 74 SKUs for three different styles of medical waste containers with five different product variations into one object is ground breaking technology and a 'Must Have' tool for any distributor to sell complex products online."

More details.



Producer of high performance protective garments and safety wear.

"Condensing 130 separate SKU's for all three types of MicroMax protective suits with 6 different variations to choose from all into one object - now that's powerful! "

More details.


Manufacturers of environmental containment and spill response products.

"This one object contains 32 SKU's for nine different styles of spill pallets and spill decks including all possible product variations for each style. "

More details.

Understanding the difference

What are Complex Products?
Frustrated by the success of early E-Commerce sites were those companies trying to sell products that didn't quite fit into the straightforward pick-and-pay experience, in which certain product characteristics weren't easily accommodated by the software available at the time. So-called complex products were challenging to sell because, well, they were complex. Window blinds, industrial mats, custom-cut boxes and made-to-order cable are just a few examples of products that are complex and more difficult to sell than familiar consumer-aimed products. Although it's natural to define a complex product as one having product variations such as size or color, it isn't just product variations that make a product complex. In the early days, online merchants quickly developed ways to sell consumer products that had variations, so that a consumer could select the correct size shoe, or the desired size and color shirt. But merchants in the industrial sector found it much more challenging because of the complex nature of not just the product variations, but the underlying pricing models.
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What are Product Configurators?
A product configurator allows a customer to select options for a product in a way that's intuitive, the end result being a personalized product that can then be added to a shopping cart and purchased. Configurators are used when there are so many options associated with a product that: 1) standard E-Commerce solutions cannot be easily applied and 2) it would be fruitless to treat each unique combination of options as a separate SKU. Also, configurators allow merchants to make the options interdependent, so that the selection of one option determines the allowable selection of other options.
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What are Product Condensers?
Product condensers are different than configurators in that they provide customers with a convenient means to select from a large number of related products. As mentioned previously, many products in the industrial marketplace have slightly different characteristics from one another, but are sold under separate SKU's. Typically, online merchants will list all of the SKU's in large tables, forcing the customer to scan each table to locate a particular product. A product condenser takes all of these related products and condenses them down into a single object, which is then displayed for the customer. The customer then selects the characteristics that they want, and after they have finished, the product associated with those characteristics is displayed, along with the correct SKU and pricing. From the customer perspective, there is only a single product - they select the desired variations and move through the purchasing process. This is much more efficient than scanning through dozens or even hundreds of rows of mind-numbingly similar products.
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