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Strategic Partners

More Clients, More Deals, More Revenue

If you like the sound of that, then you may want to consider applying to become a Red Door Strategic Partner. It’s an invitation-only program, and only the best are selected. But if your business is the right fit for our Strategic Partner Program, the opportunities could be limitless.


Why Become A Red Door™ Strategic Partner?

We feed our portfolio of Strategic Partners a steady stream of new projects, primarily small-to-mid-sized merchants who have signed on for advanced web development, based upon our Red Door™ Commerce E-Commerce engine. These are good deals, ranging in size from $10,000 to $100,000 and more. You’ll get the bulk of development fees, up to $3,000 signing bonus for each new Red Door license, and an annual $500.00 commission on each license renewal. Best of all - it won’t cost you anything!

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  Strategic Partner Program  
Strategic Partner Benefits
Strategic Partner Receives
Elite Partner Receives
New web projects supplied by RD to SP
$10-25K in prof. fees
$25-100K in prof. fees
Bonus to SP when RD provides client
$500 per license
$750 per license
Bonus to SP when SP provides client
$2000 per license
$3000 per license
Support Contract Annual Revenue To SP
$250 per contract
$300 per contract
Territory Exclusivity (Local Competitors)
Clients Provided By Red Door™
2nd Priority
1st Priority
Red Door™ Certification
Strategic Partner Requirements
Strategic Partner Gives
Elite Partner Gives
Prof Fees to RD when SP provides client
15% per client
10% per client

  Strategic Partnership Privileges  
Merchant Partnership Has Its Privileges...

Take on those tough E-Commerce projects with confidence. Red Door™ ‘bolts on’ to any web site as a behind-the-scenes back-end E-Commerce framework. And E-Commerce clients tend to come back again and again for additional services - adding new products, changing pricing, adding new catalog pages, etc.

2. Be one of a select group of developers to introduce Red Door™ to a sector hungry for new technology to serve their E-Commerce needs: small-to-midsize business.

3. Access to new deals - Compliments your existing sales cycle with lucrative deals ready for execution. In addition, offer clean IP and C-block validation.

4. Access to exclusive and patent-pending tools and services - Red Door™ has its partnership privileges that cannot simply be shopped around like other E-commerce platforms.

Partnership Model

  Understanding The Program  

Strategic Partner (SP
Web development firm that commits to using Red Door™ Commerce as part of their suite of tools for building Merchant web sites.

Elite Partner (EP)
Web development firm that sells Red Door Commerce themselves and has a dedicated team of specially trained Red Door™ developers.

EP’s receive higher commissions and higher percentage of pro services revenue. Independently places 24 clients per year,
with an initial investment of 4 licenses.

Direct Channel Sales (DCS)
Red Door™ deal makers. They identify new deals, develop merchant requirements, and hand over ready-to-fulfill deals to appropriate Strategic Partners.

A company that sells products and services on the Internet.

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