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CRM Newsletter

CRM Feature - Newsletter

Red Door's comprehensive CRM module enables you to create customized newsletters that can be periodically emailed to customers. This integrated email feature is fully automated, making it easy to set the frequency in which your customers will recieve your newsletter. Below you will find the Newletter set up and configuration screen that shows you how easy it is to specific who will get your newsletter and when they will recieve it.

Set Up & Configuration:

Newsletter Settings Click to view larger image

This powerful CRM interface allows you incredible control in creating email campaigns. Figure 1 shows the settings screen for a quarterly company newsletter which enalbes you to specify WHO and WHEN they will receive the newsletter, and how often they will recieve your newsletter.

    A - Specify the name of the email campaign and the frequency in which the customer will recieve the email.
    In this example Dawg® Inc sends it's newsletter out four times per year.

    B - Specify exactly who will recieve the email and when they will receive the initial email.
    Here the newsletter will go out to registered customers who have purchased products from Dawg®. They will recieve the Daily Growl Newsletter 45 days after their last purchase.

    The newsletter will also go out to people who register but have not yet buought anything from Dawg®. They will recieve the newsletter 45 days after they register.

    Finally, people who have not registered or purchased a product but have contacted Dawg® through various inquiry forms will also receive a newsletter 45 days after their inquiry.

    C - If the email, such as a newsletter is to be a recurring email, Red Door allows you to specify who will recieve it and how often.

In this example all the customers above will recieve a newsletter email every 90 days. Preview Newsletter