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Case Study

Case Study - Dawg Inc.

Dawg Inc. has been using Red Door since its inception and has seen marketable growth thanks to the innovative features of Red Door™ Commerce. Dawg has used Red Door to streamline work efficiency and order processing through their website. The automated emails created with the Red Door CRM module has greatly reduced the amount of follow up phone calls freeing up workers to work on other tasks. The emails not only give existing customers friendly reminders about reordering and special promotions but it also has increased sales by turning abandoned carts into orders.

“With thousands of products in our catalog, we needed an E-Commerce solution that could keep up with our fairly complex pricing models. Red Door™ is the only affordable small business package we found that had the advanced features we needed. Now our online sales are through the roof. We’re kicking the competition where it hurts!”

Scott Bakewell
Vice President of Sales
Dawg Inc.

See how Dawg Inc uses Red Door to get an edge on the competition and achieve remarkable results in search engine rankings.

reorder reminder

CRM - Email Reminders

Dawg uses Red Door's comprehensive CRM module to keep in constant communication with it's customers. Red Door has enabled Dawg to turn abandoned carts and friendly reorder reminders into new orders.

Red Door's easy to use control panels allow you to design automatic email campaigns with customized messages to routinely go out to customers in a friendly, non-intrusive way that encourages them to take action.

Each email has buying incentives and simple one click login and cart display. The key to converting abandoned carts or email reminders into actual orders is to really make it easy for the customers to get what they want. With just the click of a button in the email, the customer is automatically logged in to their account. If they filled in any product quanities in the email, Red Door will automatically put those items into an active shopping cart for the customer to reorder.

The Daily Growl
Dawg Inc. Company Newsletter

Dawg Inc uses Red Door™ to produce it's newsletter, "The Daily Growl" that contains helpful news and information for its subscribers.

Dawg has incorporated customized graphics to match the theme of their website. Highlighting different sections about new products, industry news and compliance issues, Dawg® helps its subscribers to be up-to-date and aware of specific industry issues.

Red Door's robust CRM module features an easy to use control panel that allows you to specify who you want to recieve the email, when they are to recieve it and how often. You can also have mutliple newsletters to go to different customer groups.



Special Offer

Dawg® Inc uses Red Door's CRM module for targeted multi-discount E-mail campaign.

'Badda Bing' Discount Offer

Dawg® uses Red Door™ to incorporate several marketing tools in one powerful email.

First, this personalized email is filled with various offers for the customer including a Free Dawg® collectible with an order of $350 or more.

The customer's order history is displayed letting them know what they've ordered in the past, when they ordered it and how many they ordered. All the customer has to do is fill in the quantity they want and hit the reorder button. This will log them in and bring them to their shopping cart displaying their 5% discount.

Red Door™ CRM email makes it easy for your customer to complete their order.

Not only can they recieve a discount on reorders but they call also recieve 5% off products that they have never purchased before, encouraging them to try something new.

The macros associated with these discounts allow you to set parameters such as making the offer valid only for a set period of time.