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Derek Yurgaitis
Board Member

Derek Yurgaitis is Business Unit Director for SPC at Brady Worldwide. SPC is a $40 million global manufacturing business. The products manufactured are instrumental in helping companies and government entities protect the environment from catastrophic oil spills such as the BP Deep Water Horizon incident in 2010 to everyday incidents in manufacturing facilities all over the world. Derek joined the Sorbent Products Company in February 1994 as a Regional Sales manager. In 1999 he relocated to Europe as the Managing Director of the international divisions of Sorbent Products based in Belgium. In 2003 he returned to the US to become Director of Sales for the parent company. He was responsible for overseeing all sales personal in the North and South America. His team was focused on expanding the group’s industrial distribution base and the development of new markets through expansion of the companies existing Channel strategy .SPC is the leading manufacturer of synthetic non-woven absorbent materials used in environmental and industrial applications. Selling strictly through distribution, SPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brady Worldwide (NYSE: BRC). SPC has pioneered the use on Non-woven sorbent materials around the globe and is currently market share leader in the combined Global markets.

Prior to beginning his career in the environmental industry, Mr. Yurgaitis was a research scientist with Bristol Myers Squibb. He held positions in both Anti-viral and Oncology research departments and was instrumental in the synthesis of two of the most commonly used Aids drugs on the market today, D4T and DDI. As part of the lead Drug Targeting program in Oncology, he synthesized many novel linkers between drug and antibody. He prepared and submitted novel immunoconjugates as well as BR96 Doxorubicin Hydrazone Conjugates. These compounds are designed to target cancer cells specifically, delivering their drug payload directly to the source of illness while leaving normal cells unaffected. This would eliminate the typical side effects of Chemotherapy.