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Kevin Lacilla
Vice President & Managing Director, Connecticut Office

Kevin is responsible for helping companies identify integrated web based, marketing solutions. Kevin applies a unique combination of research, marketing and analytical techniques that gain deep insight into each customer experience, delivering an exceptional RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary value) model. Kevin has identified that the B2B sector has many challenges when it comes to effectively selling complex products along with giving the customer and efficient online experience.

Kevin’s experiences range from working with very small catalog and internet companies with revenues of $4 Million to much larger companies such as The ServiceMaster Company with over $4 Billion in Sales. Kevin has been responsible for not only implementing web based integrated marketing solutions but also offers over 17 years experience of progressive online marketing strategies, paper catalog, and direct marketing achievements. Kevin can fully conceptualize and implement almost any industry specific web marketing need by utilizing cutting edge and patent pending technologies available through Red Door Software.

Furthering great marketing strategies is coming up with technologies that allows “WOW” customer facing experiences. These B2B market innovations leave the customer with jaw dropping never expected experiences that have a positive effect on overall customer retention rates, says Kevin.

Before joining Red Door, Kevin has served as CEO and Vice President of two companies, ServiceMaster Conserv Distributors, serving as V.P and managing director to over 44 ServiceMaster Franchisee contract licensees throughout the CT, NY and MA markets. He has provided support and consultative services in the area of Finance, Marketing, Sales, IT, and other critical business functions. As CEO of Dawg, Inc - a leading supplier of spill control products to the B2B marketplace, Kevin provided critical leadership within the framework of online technologies and direct marketing. Kevin was the architect behind critical CRM programs and SEO innovations. SEO technologies for Dawg, Inc  skyrocketed the companies online presence to having over 347 mindful keywords appearing on the first page of Google and Yahoo which can be objectively verified. In addition, Kevin has also served on two company board of directors, Gossamer Inc, an innovative B2B software development firm and a leading specialty promotions company called PMS, Inc.

Kevin has helped pioneer key e-commerce innovations related to the B2B sector which have become patent pending technologies. These cutting edge solutions have helped businesses simplify the way complex products are sold online and syndicated from manufacturers to distributors. Kevin clearly aligns practical business strategies with advanced technologies keeping his eye on the customer at all times, achieving growth and profitability for all his clients.


Kevin Lacilla